How to Decorate a Party Room

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Decorate the Walls

Many families have a room in their homes dedicated to hosting parties. This may be a dining room, gathering space or additional den. You can transform the look of this space with inexpensive decorations and a few basic changes.

Hang photos or artwork on the walls to complement your party’s theme. If your theme is a family gathering, you might hang family pictures or portraits of children.

Create a focal point with party decorations at the entryway to the room. This will surprise guests and put them in party mode. Creating a central party space is important to a memorable birthday bash. You can use balloons, streamers and creative bunting flags to do this.

Hang Photos or Artwork

Hang pictures or artwork in your party room to create a fun focal point. This is a great way to show off family photos or display favorite memories from your guests’ childhoods.

When hanging artwork, try to place it at a height that is comfortable for people to view when they sit. This usually means about 145 cm from the floor.

If you’re hanging a group of art, consider arranging them in a grid or cluster style. It’s also important to avoid leaving gaps or “rivers” of space between the pieces of wall decor. You can even hang a slideshow of photos and music for an entertaining visual display.

Hang Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are an inexpensive way to add a burst of color to any room. This decorating idea can transform a space into a stunning backdrop that will impress guests and provide the perfect setting for photos.

For a more dramatic look, twist streamers before hanging them. It’s also helpful to overestimate the length needed for each strand, as it’s easy for them to rip while hanging.

Create a twisted streamer garland by combining several different colors of streamers. Alternately, drape short streamers over long ones to create a layered effect. You can even tie them together to make a colorful bow for any occasion.

Hang Balloons

Whether you’re decorating for a birthday or any other special occasion, balloons can instantly add color and fun to your space. You can also use them in party room game idea or to create a beautiful balloon arch.

To hang them without helium, you can use a strip of double-sided tape or removable 3M pads. These are easy to remove so you won’t have any sticky residue left on the wall.

You can also use push pins or thumb tacks to hold your balloon decorations. These are inexpensive and simple to use, but they won’t give the same effect as double-sided tape or Command strips.

Hang String Lights

String lights make your room more cozy and welcoming, a perfect addition to any party atmosphere. They also create a great transition between indoors and outdoors, directing guests to where the party is.

Hanging lights from the ceiling is an elegant option that elicits oohs and aahs from your guests. It’s easy enough to do and doesn’t require any special tools.

Depending on your space, you can try different patterns to create a unique lighting design. Choose a zig zag pattern for a more intricate look, or keep it simple with an outline design. For a more relaxed look, let your lights dangle loosely instead of pulling them tight.

Use Candles

Candles make a room feel cozy and welcoming, and you can use them to highlight decor. They can also add a touch of ambiance, a feeling that helps your guests relax and enjoy the party.

If the venue rules allow, you can hang candles on hooks around the walls or in trees. Keep in mind that some locations do not allow open flames, so make sure the candles are housed in containers to limit their brightness.

Candles in a variety of colors can add a different sense of style to your space. A deep red candle can evoke romance, while classic white taper candles underscore a feeling of elegance.

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