Modern Table Lamps

Table lamp https://www.philipslighting.com.hk/product-category/desklamps/ are easy to use – they can be placed on the nightstand next to your bed, or anywhere else you need a light in an instant. They come in a wide array of lamp bases and shade types.

Modern table lamps can be bold in shape and color with geometric shapes and angular or smooth curved designs. Some also incorporate jazzy textures to add flair and personality.

Contemporary & Modern

Whether used in an office, living room or bedroom, modern table lamps are a fun lighting choice because they can be designed to stand out or blend into a room. Vivid colors, unusual shapes and jazzy textures are all possibilities for a modern lamp.

Most often, a contemporary table lamp will serve as an accent to a room and help unify the design scheme. A bedside table lamp, for example, can be a practical addition to a bedroom where reading and other bedtime rituals take place and can unify the look of a room’s decor with a matching headboard or upholstered chair.

Many table lamps are also great mood enhancers for a hallway, foyer or even a specific spot in a living room. They may work as a task light with a simple bar or angled shade or cast a diffused glow that contributes to a room’s ambience. Many of these lamps come with a variety of bases like wood, ceramic or metal and shades in a range of styles and sizes.


Whether placed on a nightstand or glamming up the living room, crystal table lamps add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. Clear crystal refracts light beautifully, giving off a sparkly, glamorous glow in the nighttime.

Crystal lamp bases are made from either real crystal or finely cut glass. Both materials allow for intricate, geometric cuts that refract light in different directions for an eye-catching effect.

The faceted crystal orbs of this modern crystal table lamp are paired with a clean, white linen shade for a timeless look that complements any interior design. Pair it with a perfect set for a statement on a buffet or console.

Himalayan rock salt is a natural purifier that can help cleanse the air of harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Place this Himalayan pink salt lamp in your bedroom or living room for a healthy and relaxing glow. It also emits negative ions that counteract positive ions found in indoor pollutants, improving your breathing and overall health.

Art Glass

Art glass table lamps are unique in that they can stand out or blend into your room’s color scheme. These colorful lamp designs are often a nod to the inventiveness of 19th and early 20th century glassmakers who were unafraid to experiment with pattern, texture and color. They embraced iridescence, nature-inspired patterns and new shapes including ruffled edges and elongated stems. These artistic lamps add a touch of elegance to any room and pair well with either minimalist or maximalist styles.

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When one thinks of a table lamp, it is often the image of a traditional base, stem, shade and bulb that comes to mind. However, modern interpretations of this decorative accent go far beyond those limitations to include a variety of unique bases, shapes and colors.

Whether arranged on end tables next to a patio sofa or set between two wicker armchairs, outdoor table lamps add more than just illumination. Choose a lantern-style shade to complement a contemporary coastal or farmhouse decor theme, or opt for a rattan-like frame and trailing vines to pair with a rustic boho chic layout.

For a modern take on the classic style, opt for a rechargeable battery-operated table lamp featuring a rounded, elegant design and SmartMesh technology that lets you control color and brightness settings. Or, for a touch of glamor, select an LED-powered table lamp that illuminates in a variety of colors to brighten up your nighttime soirees.

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