Unsung Benefits of a Massage Chair

Designed to look like a standard recliner, this chair provides a relaxing and refreshing massage at the touch of a button. Its kneading and knocking massage options stimulate pressure points throughout the body.

Many modern massage chair https://maxcareonlineshop.com/en/product-category/massager-en/massage-chair-en/ come equipped with technology that scans the contours of the user’s body for a more accurate and personalized massage.

Relieves Stress

As you relax in a massage chair, your blood pressure drops. This is because the chair mimics the movements of a masseuse, relieving your body of tension and stress.

In a study published in 2021, researchers found that chair massage decreases both chronic stress and musculoskeletal pain among nurses. The study was a randomized controlled trial at two teaching cancer hospitals, one public and the other private, in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. The participants were 60 nursing professionals from the Oncology Nursing team.

The massage chair’s microprocessor stores commands and patterns and communicates with its components, like the rollers. Each massage chair has anywhere from four to 100 air cells called “airbags” that inflate and deflate, squeezing specific muscle groups like the arms and legs for gentle compression therapy. This helps your circulation by forcing out stagnant blood that pools, preventing it from delivering oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your body. As a result, your immune system strengthens and you feel more relaxed and healthy.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a common condition that requires long term medical attention because it increases your risk of heart disease, kidney failure, stroke and other health problems. In addition to exercise, diet and medication, getting regular massages has been shown to decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as reduce salivary and urinary cortisol stress hormone levels.

One of the main reasons is that it stimulates endorphin production, similar to what you experience after a good workout. These endorphins help lower stress, which is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure. They also relax the walls of the blood vessels and help reduce heart pumping intensity.

Additionally, some massage chair features like heat modules and zero gravity recline promote improved circulation. This helps with the delivery of oxygen to the body’s cells, which reduces the workload on the heart and can lower blood pressure over time. This is especially important for people who work in high-stress jobs like bus drivers and salespeople.

Improves Circulation

Massage chairs offer a variety of massage techniques including kneading, rolling, tapping and gripping to loosen tight muscles and boost blood flow. When combined with the zero gravity feature of the premium models this helps to significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

People who work repetitively, like bus drivers or construction workers, often develop sore or painful muscles. Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, shoulder pain or rotator cuff issues are also common and can be helped by regular massage therapy. Massage increases oxygen levels in the cells, which helps to eliminate waste and reduces the buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle soreness.

As the body relaxes, endorphins are released which help to relieve stress and promote a sense of wellbeing. The combination of increased relaxation, reduced blood pressure and improved circulation results in less fatigue and a better night’s sleep.

Reduces Pain

One of the unsung benefits of massage chairs is their ability to improve circulation. This has many effects, including reducing pain, lowering blood pressure, and helping your body flush toxins, which can help with weight loss. Improved circulation can also help your muscles get more oxygen, which helps prevent fatigue and soreness and speed up workout recovery.

Most massage chairs use a combination of rollers and airbag compression to reach most or all of the user’s muscle groups. The rollers move in predefined patterns to simulate the movement of human hands on different muscles. Airbags are located throughout the chair’s frame, inflating and deflating to provide a gentle, soothing massage.

The most common types of massage techniques included in massage chairs are Shiatsu, Swedish, and Thai. Some chairs even offer programs that target specific muscle groups, such as ShoulderCompress to massage the shoulders, HipShape to target the waist, glutes, and hip flexors, and CalfMassage to stimulate the muscles in your calves.

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